Meet the Board

Miguel “Mike” Chavez

Mike is an original homeowner to Portofino Bay, purchasing his home here in 2004.  Mike is a family man and a businessman.  Mike has served on the Portofino Bay Board in the capacity of Vice President for over 9 years.  Throughout his tenure on the Board, he has led many initiatives in community security and safety.  Although recently confronted with serious medical challenges, Mike never wavered in his determination to serve our community.

Victor Valladares

Guetane Morel

Guetane is also an original homeowner to Portofino Bay, residing in our community since 2004.   Guetane is a newcomer to our current Board having accepted the role of Secretary earlier this year.  Guetane, however, is no stranger to Association Boards, having been a member of Portofino Bay’s original Board which was organized in 2006.  Guetane is an Environmental Chemist.  Although not a Board member for some time, Guetane has, throughout the years actively participated in our Neighborhood Crime Watch and has contributed personally to matters involving the betterment of our community. We are glad to have her back on our Board.

Sal Gugliuzza – Alton Madison Property Management

hello-our-name-is-ampmOur philosophy, company culture, and mission provides for the highest level of service and dedication to Portofino Bay as a total group while providing help and support on an individual member basis. This is because Individual property value and quality of life depends upon group unity, the association. “AMPM” understands the infinite details of your community – maintenance, customer service, record-keeping, and reporting to name a few. Our strengths include accurate accounting, strict attention to detail, and defined commitment to the overall community’s needs outside of 9am to 5pm. Alton Madison strives to continually tweak, improve, and refine the customized service your community receives and deserves.